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“Bella and I can't wait for the next book!!!”
~ Vera Lumbab, Juneau, Alaska

“I wanted to formally thank you for your service to the community, by coming to Park Place - Brookdale Senior Living and planting the seeds of civility in our children. I know these ideas and your presence made an impression on all of us. I will be spreading the word about your gift, and the calling that you have answered that is so desperately needed today. I have great confidence this will turn into something BIG!”
~ Steve Caruso, Sales Counselor

Photo with Addison.“Hi Monica and Lorene, we received your books in the mail today - thanks so much! Brent's manners have already improved so much. Looking forward to seeing how we can move our project forward. Have a great weekend!”
~ Joanne

Photo with Addison.


"The story and the lesson it was great. Thank you..."
(Read 6 year-old Addison's letter handwritten letter)


"This book is much younger than what I usually review, but after purchasing it for my daughter's birthday I couldn't help it, I needed to share. The illustrations are lovely and whimsical, full of color and energy. The artist really captures the feeling of each scene and the characters personalities brilliantly shine through. The words are simple enough that a 1st or 2nd grader should be able to read them on their own with only a little help, though it would be good to go through it with them to talk through the teachable moments, five of which are listed in the back.

In the book Sarah Elizabeth starts out with good intentions, but then selfishness gets the best of both her and Lexi, making them behave badly. The story focuses on teaching kids to treat others with kindness and respect and how to forgive; lessons that all little princesses and princes can benefit from. Personally, as a parent, I am grateful for any tool that I can use to reinforce these attributes in my girls."
~ Whymsy Likes Books

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