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Sarah Elizabeth - Etiquette Manners Princess

Sarah Elizabeth | Etiquette 5 year old "Little Miss Know-It All"

Sarah Elizabeth, The Etiquette Princess, can't sleep at night because she thinks, thinks thinks! In fact, she thinks she knows it all! Sarah Elizabeth is always jumping up and down to move her brain around. She knows this helps her create fun ideas. She loves whip cream, playing soccer and dressing up in anything that sparkles. And...she doesn't like anything itchy! Her favorite stuffed animal in the whole wide world is her kitty Duchess.

Monica Brandner - Etiquette Manners Expert
Monica Brandner | Children's Etiquette Expert, Author and Inspirational Speaker

Monica is a certified etiquette expert and was Mrs. Alaska 1998. Her passion is teaching manners and etiquette that lead children to build positive friendships and strong self worth. In her "Mommy and Me Princess Tea Party" etiquette classes, she teaches the youngest generation 5 skills every child should possess. Monica is the daughter of her co-author, Lorene Keen, and they share the aspiration for bringing civility back to the home. From Juneau, Alaska, she now lives in Spokane, Washington. Monica has been married to her husband, Stephen, for 29 years, has two grown daughters, one granddaughter and two very well behaved Yorkies.

Lorene Keen - Etiquette Manners Expert
Lorene Keen | Author-Speaker, Certified Professional Coach

Lorene is CEO of Etiquette Princess Publishing and Grand-Mère of 7 grandchildren. She taught her grandchildren at young ages the importance of using etiquette and manners through fancy tea parties. Her heart is to rebuild the foundation of honor and become one of the leaders in the growing call for civility in our nation. She is a sought after mentor, advisor and teacher of women, Lorene has been married to her husband Richard for 52 years and lives in Spokane, Washington.

Richard Keen - Sales and Marketing Director extraordinaire | Etiquette Princess Publishing
Richard Keen | Sales and Marketing Director Extraordinaire | Etiquette Princess Publishing

Richard is the “go to” guy for booking all speaking engagements and books sales information. Please contact him via email or by phone (509) 979-8301.

Lorene Keen - Etiquette Manners Expert
Zac Jones | Illustrator

Zac is an illustrator and web designer. He has been married for 11 years and has three spunky daughters. His daughters give him plenty of inspiration for his illustrations. Zac lives in Spokane, Washington.

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